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Installer 1

Entry level. Assists in MOT, general labor, dig trenches, set pull boxes, assists in loading and unloading materials, assists in pulling and feeding cable for underground installation, and assists in aerial installation from the ground level.

Learns to operate the Bucket Truck, Bucket, and the Lasher for aerial installation. Also becomes familiar with all materials, tools, and procedures associated with aerial installation. Begins familiarity with operating the fiber optic cable Tugger and Rodder, which includes knowledge of bend radius, pulling tensions, lubricants and dynometer. Becomes familiar with reading plans. Learns safety procedures.

Installer 2

All of the above. Operates Bucket and lasher for aerial installation. Operates cable Puller and Rodder. Ability to read plans and calculate cable footages, submits daily reports.

Installer 3

All of the above. Crew Coordinator and field Supervisor. Operates Bucket and lasher for aerial installation. Operates cable Puller and Rodder. Reads plans, calculate cable footages and submits daily reports. Develops a relationship with Prime Contractors, field superintendents, and foreman. Holds project briefing & safety meetings.

Technician 1

Knowledge of all requirements of Installer. Works directly under Technician 2. Preps cable, learns splicing, connectors, installation of fiber optic cabinets. Becomes familiar with all parts associated with splicing and connectorization. Learns OTDR and Light Source and Power Meter. Becomes familiar with splice drawings and OTDR test sheets and reading traces. Begins understanding of FO Modems.

Technician 2

All of the above. Operates Splicer, OTDR, Light Source and Power Meter. Ability to read traces, and troubleshoot.

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