CINDY S. BOYD, RCDD – President

A graduate of the University of Alaska and owner of PCS, Ms. Boyd has been in the in the construction and technology markets since 1974. Ms. Boyd’s experience comes from positions in both Florida and Alaska and includes personnel and equipment management, onsite construction management, and contract negotiations. Ms. Boyd directs all of PCS’s administrative/operating activities and holds Fiber Optic certifications from Corning, M/A- Com and 3M.

Ms. Boyd is a member in good standing of BICSI, IMSA, Florida Association of Electrical Contractors and International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Ms. Boyd holds an Alabama Certified Low Voltage Contractor License # 1331, Florida # ES0000245, Florida Alarm System Contractor II License # EG13000230, Georgia # LT304933, New Mexico # 86863 & 100401, Arizona # ROC175629, North Carolina # 23663-SP-LV, Tennessee # 00042779, Virginia # 2705 047493A, Iowa Contractor’s License #C106536 and Baltimore County Maryland Low Voltage Alarms and Signal Systems License#RF9346, and holds a Building Industry Consulting Service International Registered Communications Distribution Designer certificate.

SARA L. BOYD – Secretary

A graduate of the University of South Florida and majority owner of PCS, Mrs. Boyd brings experience from Education and Administration since 1984, and construction and technology markets since 1990. Mrs. Boyd directs PCS efforts with contractual and administrative aspects including accounting, budgeting and staffing.


Bruce R Boyd, RCDD – Director

A graduate of the University of South Florida in 1983, Mr. Boyd is the former Controller of Dycom Industries and former President of Signal Construction Co,. Division of Dycom Industries, a 160M/year Fiber Optic Design and Construction firm. Mr. Boyd is a former minority owner of Precision Software, current director of Precision Contracting Services, Inc. and President of B&B Consulting Group, a fiber optic network design firm. Mr. Boyd has Fiber Optic training from AT&T, CORNING, NORTEL, INTELECT, Fiber Options, Grass Valley, International Fiber Systems, M/A-Com and Krone. Mr. Boyd passed the Florida CPA examination in 1987 and holds a BICSI RCDD Certification. Mr. Boyd is responsible for PCS’s client liaison, project valuation estimating, systems design, fiber optic network attenuation/ loss budget calculations and project management activities.


RHYS ROBERTS, MBA, Vice President Operations

RICK ARNOLD, RCDD, EC, CGC, Vice President - Business Development

BRANDON BOYD, Vice President - Estimating

BLAKE BOYD, Treasurer


LYNN BAYLES, Area Manager


SAM SAKRAN, CCNE, Area Manager


MARK MIXON, Area Manager

DAVID PASQUINO, Human Resources

JIM HEATON, Estimating and Administration


JASON SCAPANSKI, Fleet Management

MATTHEW WEISMAN, PE, Engineering and PM Services

JACK HOFFMAN, PE, Engineering and PM Services

BRIAN CONNELLY, FiberTrak™ Manager CADD ITSFM Design

JOHN ROMANSKI, RTPM, ESS, DCDC, WD, OSP, Senior Infrastructure Design, Project Management

FERRELL “WOODY” BOYD, Software Development

BRYAN BOYD, Network Systems Configuration & Support