FiberTrak was developed by Precision Contracting Services, Inc. (PCS) who offers a full suite of professional services such as a network design and implementation, installation, integration, maintenance, asset management and training services.

The FiberTrak team of PCS can deliver this solution as a stand alone software solution for your use or as a hosted solution. Our solution provides you a robust and comprehensive offering to document and track any utility or infrastructure. If you don’t have current data to import, our Fibertrak team can perform your documentation for you. Our Fibertrak solution allows you to create an intelligent model of your entire infrastructure and or utility. This includes more than just your Outside Plant Infrastructure and Inside Plant Network Elements, Pipelines, Electric, Water, Gas… Our solution gives you one cohesive database with accurate and retrievable information scalable across your entire enterprise. FiberTrak offers custom integration of off-the-shelf CADD, GIS, and Database management systems for Administrators, Engineers, Designers, and Maintenance Technicians using an intuitive and open platform created from our years of experience in the field. we have the experience to integrate from any existing product or solution including AutoDesk AutoCAD, ESRI ArcGIS, Adobe Acrobat and Google Earth.

FiberTrak allows clients to achieve a Life Cycle approach to network documentation.

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