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Available Positions exist for the following skill sets in multiple office locations:

Asset Mapping and Documentation - All Locations


The Locator Technician is responsible for identifying and marking buried fiber optic cable & electrical cables by referencing utility prints and using specific locating equipment. The employee must be flexible to work in all types of terrain and weather conditions, able to succeed under stressful situations, and conduct him or herself in a professional-­‐ manner at all times. The employee must also be motivated to work independently and demonstrate good time management skills to plan and accomplish assigned work load as required.

Job Functions: • Read and understand utility maps, prints, and aerial imagery to assist in identification of underground fiber assets • Prioritize work activities by reviewing all locate requests to determine travel route and timelines • Operate handheld detection equipment in the designed manner • Periodically remove and replace manhole lids, weighing between 100-­‐ and 300-­‐pounds, using a manhole cover removal tool • Ability to work in all types of terrain and hazards (grass, gravel, ditches, etc.), all types of environments (construction sites, highways, industrial, private property, etc.) and all types of weather conditions • In the event of bad weather days employees are NOT paid if they cannot work. • Drive extensively and get in-­‐and-­‐out of vehicle repeatedly, walk several miles per day • Mark the location of underground fiber and electrical assets on roadways, private property, and other locations, as appropriate and needed, using required spray paints, flags and other equipment • Accurately and consistently wear safety gear, and operate safety equipment, provided • Daily contact with utility managers, crews, and contractors discussing locate issues • Job Requires travel throughout the South East United States.
• Weekly equipment inspections . • Need to be aware that daily reports are required each day. • Follows direction of the Jobsite Foreman, Superintendent, and/or Area Manager for project schedules, materials, equipment, and crews. • Other duties as assigned by Management. and Daily Reporting

Other Job Functions:

• Enter data into GIS databases, using techniques such as coordinate geometry, keyboard entry of tabular data, manual digitizing of maps, scanning or automatic conversion to vectors, or conversion of other sources of digital data. • Review existing or incoming data for currency, accuracy, usefulness, quality, and completeness of documentation. • Operate handheld GPS units in the designed manner

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: • Must have a valid drivers’ license, • Ability to periodically lift up to 100-­‐pounds • Must have solid verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to work professionally in a diverse and stressful environment • Complete and document work activities using Tablet, Laptop computer • Good communications skills with managers, contractors, utility representatives and homeowners

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Cabling Technician - All Locations

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Estimating - Jupiter, Tampa, Orlando Operations

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Fiber Optic Technicians - All Locations

Job Requirements:

• Review Plans, Splice Plans and Specifications with Area Manager prior to assignment to a project. • Maintain all splice and test equipment, track calibration dates • Report any/all equipment problems to the Equipment Manager • Make Area Manager aware of material needs, especially consumables.
• Daily reports and timesheets • Equipment inspections: All equipment is to be inspected weekly and reports are submitted to the Equipment Manager • Train and assist other Technicians with tasks and/or new skills and equipment • Update the Area Manager with project status each day so scheduling can be adjusted based on progress • Assist Engineering Department with GPS locates • Attends Project Meetings at the start of a project and when Technical issues arise • Cable installation: Must have a clear understanding and be able to install cable in aerial, underground, and inside plant environments. Must have an understanding of the operation of bucket truck, lasher, blower and tugger-including slack requirements for cable.

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Installer - All Locations


The duties of this individual include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Aerial Installation of Fiber Optic Cable, Span Wire and necessary hardware. This requires operation of a Bucket Truck, Lasher, and climbing poles manually with hooks.

Pole climbing can be to a height of 45’ carrying all pole attachment tools in safety tool belt. An employee might be expected to climb up and down poles for a 10 hour shift depending on access on a particular jobsite. Bucket trucks will be utilized in all areas with appropriate access.

  1. Underground Installation of Fiber Optic Cable and/or Tracer wire. This requires operation of a FO Tugger Machine and/or FO Blower & Compressor, or installation of cable by hand. Any of these methods requires cable to be laced in figure 8 on the ground and pulled into conduit or innerduct either with or without mechanical assistance.
  2. Down Guy Installation: requires digging a 6’ deep 12” round hole for the installation of pole down guys. Requires using a 14’ spade and spoon and a rock bar to bust the rock, then using the spade to move debris and rock.
  3. Delineator Marker Installation: post hole dig 2’ and install marker post and then backfill, tamp to level.
  4. Direct Fiber Optic Cable Installers: Train on all tasks listed above AND work in conjunction with cable installers on all cable installation tasks
  5. Installation of pullboxes, manholes, innerduct, maxcell and conduit.
  6. Working in the following environments: trenchline, bucket truck (height and around/near power lines), Towers (involves climbing), Confined space (such as underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, raised floors, and ceilings) for the installation of Fiber Optic or low voltage electrical cable or devices such as cameras, signs, etc.
  7. Ability to read and comprehend plans.
  8. Follows direction of the Jobsite Foreman, Superintendent, and/or Area Manager for project schedules, materials, equipment, and crews.
  9. Requires a CDL Driver’s license issued by the State in which the employee resides. The expenses for CDL tests, license renewal, and physical examinations required will be borne by the Company.
  10. Working in all types of weather conditions is a requirement, heat or cold. Rain and Snow will normally cause the project to be shut down by the Agency having Jurisdiction; however, PCS will continue to work in the event the AHJ does not cease operations on the jobsite. Job production is not determined by weather conditions.
  11. In the event of bad weather days employees are NOT paid if they cannot work.
  12. Other duties as assigned by Management.

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