COVID-19 Reassurance

Precision Contracting Services, Inc. remains committed to providing outstanding service and helping keep your operations up and running while we are all confronted with the rapidly changing events surrounding the corona-virus situation. We will be as flexible, creative, and innovative as possible to maintain business as usual during these very unusual times.

Please review our below commitment to you.

  • Our facilities will maintain normal business hours.
  • We will continue to provide services where it is safe and we are permitted to perform our services.
  • Our highest priority is to protect the health of employees, customers, visitors, and others.
  • We encourage all team members to practice effective hygiene and social distancing.
  • We have professional cleaning crews providing disinfectants, and we have added disinfectant dispensers in strategic locations.
  • We will deliver regular internal communications as the landscape changes.
  • We have discontinued large group gatherings
  • We have provided guidelines on safe food practices
  • Use of conference and training rooms have been minimized and replaced by virtual meetings.
  • We are limiting visitation to our facilities and discouraging face to face visits with customers and suppliers unless necessary.
  • Domestic regional air travel is only approved under exceptional circumstances
  • International air travel is not allowed
  • In summary, PCS is open for business. We will always support our employees, customers, vendors, and all partners to the best of our abilities. We will react as necessary, but we will not overreact. We will be conscientious and proactive to continue supporting your success as well as the safety of our stakeholders and communities. We look forward to serving you as always during this turbulent time.

Our prayers are that you and your colleagues have good health and that this challenge will be behind us all very soon.