Community Message

The recent murder of George Floyd saddens the PCS Team and has rocked the US. America’s history of racial inequality continues to cause pain and fear and senseless violence all over the country. While we know that racism has no place in our culture, we know that it still exists, and this tragedy is now another in a long list of injustices.

Change is needed. Change is being demanded through these protests and public outcry. And we all must do our part to be that change. Let us listen, learn, and understand the pain that is being felt by our fellow Americans and Human Beings.

PCS has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment of any kind, and we stand united against racial inequality. We stand united with our Black community, our team members, and customers to speak out against these injustices. We must advocate for change and an end to the racism holding back the United States from being the best we can be.

Let us all come together and support one another, working together today so that we can build a better tomorrow.