PCS completes initial phase of Wireless Services to cover over 50 Sq. Miles and serve 25,000 Students

PCS is proud to be part of the team with The School District of Palm Beach County who is constructing a free, high-speed Wi-Fi network for more than 25,000 students in the county who currently don’t have internet access.

School district leaders say they hope to one day expand the program to more than 60,000 students throughout the county.

On March 8, the new “Wi-Fi Mesh Network” will go live for more than 5,000 students in Lake Worth Beach, covering an area of 50 square miles.

“This is an unprecedented initiative that once completed will have a profound impact on the education in Palm Beach County,” said Dr. Donald Fennoy, the superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County. “The Wi-Fi network will cover 50 square miles of Palm Beach County and deliver free, high-speed, high-quality internet connectivity to more than 25,000 students in need of this service and it will only grow from there.

“I cannot overstate this. This project is life-changing, it’s a game-changer in education and access and I’m proud to say it is happening right here in Palm Beach County.”

“What this means for a student who currently lives in a house with many people and currently doesn’t have access to the internet is just an opening of the world to them,” said Erica Whitfield, District 4 school board member. “To put together this opportunity for these children just means the world to them and means the world to me.”

After the new network goes live in Lake Worth Beach, it will eventually go live in these 13 communities, serving more than 25,000 students:

  • South Bay
  • Belle Glade
  • Pahokee
  • Canal Point (Unincorporated)
  • West Palm Beach
  • Boynton Beach
  • Riviera Beach
  • Palm Springs
  • Greenacres
  • Lantana
  • Haverhill
  • Lake Park
  • Delray Beach